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Topic: Reconstructive Surgery for Facial Skin Cancer

A special issue of Plastic and Aesthetic Research

ISSN 2349-6150 (Online), ISSN 2347-9264 (Print)

Submission deadline: 15 Jun 2021

Guest Editor(s)

  • Prof. Regan Thomas, MD
    Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago, IL, USA.

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Special Issue Introduction

This special issue of Plastic and Aesthetic Research was developed to provide an up-to-date and thorough review of the importance of Mohs micrographic surgery in the treatment of facial skin cancer lesions and the required soft tissue reconstruction techniques to restore acceptable facial appearance. Although most individuals would wish to have post-treatment defects repaired to enable an acceptable appearance, this is especially important on the face. Facial appearance after surgery can impact the patient’s self-image and self-confidence, social interaction and perception by others. Ironically the face has the highest incidence of several types of skin cancers and thus these issues are frequently encountered.

Mohs micrographic surgery has been beneficial to the successful treatment of facial skin cancers, but the resultant defects created can be quite challenging to the reconstructive facial plastic surgeon. This is particularly true when as noted, the aesthetic appearance of the face is of significant importance beyond simply repairing and closing the defect. This issue of Plastic and Aesthetic Research was developed with the goal of demonstrating the procedures and techniques required to accomplish that goal in parallel with utilizing the best technique through Mohs surgery for treating the patient adequately.

The authors contributing to this special issue were selected to provide their distinguished expertise and significant surgical experience for the service and reference of the readership. The management of facial skin cancers will no doubt continue to evolve and these examples of our present state-of-the-art treatment and reconstructive procedures will serve as a useful step in supporting that important evolution.


Mohs micrographic surgery, facial skin cancer lesions, soft tissue reconstruction, facial appearance, reconstructive procedures

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15 Jun 2021

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Submission Deadline: 15 Jun 2021
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