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Topic: Facial Reanimation: Novel Paradigms in the Treatment of Facial Paralysis

A special issue of Plastic and Aesthetic Research

ISSN 2349-6150 (Online), ISSN 2347-9264 (Print)

Submission deadline: 15 Oct 2020

Guest Editor(s)

  • Prof. Jonathan Clark
    Sydney Head and Neck Cancer Institute, Chris O'Brien Lifehouse, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.


Special Issue Introduction

Facial paralysis is associated with significant functional, aesthetic, and social morbidity. There is tremendous variation in the underlying etiology ranging from children with Moebius syndrome, to Bells palsy, trauma, iatrogenic injury, and neoplastic conditions affecting the facial nerve. The goals of facial reanimation vary widely depending on the underlying etiology, prospects of recovery, prognosis of the patient and branches of the facial nerve affected. This special issue focuses on new techniques and approaches to the management of facial paralysis and synkinesis, and the broader philosophies underlying how and when each component of the facial palsy is addressed. This special issue also explores translational research on the topics of implantable bionics, custom devices, smart electromaterials and laboratory experiments as they are applied to the facial nerve. Facial reanimation continues to be a highly challenging field with numerous options depending on institutional expertise, personal experience and emerging technology.


Facial reanimation, synkinesis, facial paresis, facial paralysis, facial palsy, free muscle flaps, nerve grafts, implantable bionics, implantable devices, electromaterials, facial nerve

Submission Deadline

15 Oct 2020

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Submission Deadline: 15 Oct 2020
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