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PAR Editors Participate in the DASIL 6th World Congress of Dermatologic & Aesthetic Surgery and Discuss the Journal's Development

Published on: 21 Nov 2017 Viewed: 2394

The Dermatologic & Aesthetic Surgery International League (DASIL) is one of the world's most outstanding dermal surgical bodies. The Organizing Committee of this non-profit professional organization is comprised of members from over 30 countries, and research is carried out on multiple areas of medicine. DASIL's mission is to provide the highest level of education for dermatologic surgeons around the globe and to promote the rapid development of dermatologic and cosmetic surgery worldwide. DASIL's 6th World Congress of Dermatologic & Aesthetic Surgery was held from October 24 to 28, 2017, in Shanghai, China. Numerous well-known dermatologic and aesthetic surgeons from all over the world gathered in Shanghai to attend this significant event.

Editorial Board members of Plastic and Aesthetic Research (PAR) journal and former President of the Italian Federation of Aesthetic Medicine (FIME) Dr. Raffaele Rauso were invited to speak at the congress. Dr. Rauso also invited PAR editors to meet there to discuss a series of issues relating to the development of PAR, including how to set up disciplinary procedures and create a leading journal.

Dr. Rauso introduced PAR to participating specialists at the DASIL
The 6th World Congress of Dermatologic & Aesthetic Surgery

They not only discussed the development of PAR with Dr. Rauso, but also brought themselves up to date with academic research and current trends in the field, gaining a deeper understanding of some significant developments in plastic and aesthetic research. These included innovations in technology and the challenges of some exciting new trends in eyelid cosmetic surgery, facial rejuvenation and fat transplantation. During the meeting, Dr. Rauso's excellent lectures on "Canthal Management in Surgical Blepharoplasty", "Non-surgical Nose Reshaping with Fillers" and "Non-surgical Fat Reduction with DC Injections" garnered universal praise from the attending experts. Dr. Rauso energetically introduced PAR to the participating specialists at the end of his talks and expressed the hope that more of them would pay attention to the journal. In addition, Dr. Rauso introduced PAR to peer specialists at SICPRE 2017 (the national congress of the Italian Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery). Dr. Rauso is Professor at Foggia University in Italy as well as an Editorial Board member. Since he was invited to join PAR's editorial team in 2014, he has set a good example by ceaselessly promoting the journal across the globe and giving timely advice on its development.

He and other Editorial Board members have furthered the development of PAR and expanded its influence in a very practical way. Thanks to the joint efforts of the Editor-in-Chief, Editorial Board members and all the Editorial Office staff, PAR has been recognized by more and more world experts in the field of plastic surgery and its influence has been greatly enhanced. It is such enthusiasm and the responsible attitude of the editorial team that have propelled PAR all over the world. Hopefully, it will have a brilliant future!

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