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Meeting in Shanghai: The Plastic and Aesthetic Research Editorial Team Attended the 14th Chinese Academic Conference on Medical Cosmetology of the Chinese Medical Association in 2017

Published on: 16 Jun 2017 Viewed: 3071

From May 4 to 7, 2017, the 14th Chinese Academic Conference on Medical Cosmetology of the Chinese Medical Association was held at the Shanghai Convention & Exhibition International Sourcing, along with the 9th Pan-Asian Facial Surgery and Reconstruction Surgery Congress, the National Academic Conference of Laser and Minimally Invasive Beauty, and the 1st National Cosmetic Medical Equipment and Materials Fair. The Plastic and Aesthetic Research (PAR) editorial team (Rui-Rui Zhang, the managing editor; Smart Zhang, the assistant editor) attended the conference, upholding the concept of academic exchange, learning, and continuously promoting the development of PAR. The conference is a symbolic annual academic conference of China’s plastic and aesthetic industry. Many famous experts and scholars were invited to the conference to give wonderful speeches and on-site surgery demonstrations, focusing on micro-plastic surgery, fat transplantation, complex rhinoplasty, facial plastic surgery, breast plastic surgery, laser cosmetology, skin wound healing, hair cosmetology, oral cosmetology, cosmetic injections, private plastic surgery, eye plastic surgery, and other new technological projects. The conference also hosted seminars on special cases. The organizers of the conference were committed to building a platform for communication, production, learning, and research.

Two associate editors of PAR, Prof. Hua Jiang and Prof. Zhiqi Hu, were invited to attend the conference as speakers. Prof. Jiang is a Director and doctoral supervisor at the Department of Plastic Surgery, Shanghai Changzheng Hospital, Second Military Medical University; Prof. Hu is a Director and doctoral supervisor at the Department of Plastic Surgery, Nanfang Hospital, Southern Medical University.

Prof. Jiang is interested in reconstructive surgery, and he has achieved notable accomplishments in the field of nasal reconstruction. He gave a speech entitled “The key points of nasal reconstruction” to experts at the conference, and he discussed his research with them after the opening ceremony. His speech was highly praised by all the attending experts. Later, he gave a presentation entitled “Traumatic nasal defect reconstruction and reconstructive surgery” and actively discussed the ideas in his speech with the other experts, bringing new ideas and confidence to other experts in the field of rhinoplasty. In addition, Prof. Hu shared key points on double eyelid surgery and inner canthus surgery, and presented several surgical videos, thereby allowing the experts who attended to learn more about surgical issues and skills.

During the conference, the PAR editorial staff discussed the status quo and the future development of PAR with Prof. Jiang and Prof. Hu. These two associate editors have fully recognized the outstanding achievements of PAR, and they affirmed the editorial team’s rigorous attitude towards their work, and stressed that we must uphold the principles of strict peer reviews and high-quality publishing standards. Finally, the editorial staff also communicated with other conference participants regarding their rigorous, serious work attitude and expectations for high-quality articles.

In summary, we aim to adhere to high-quality publishing standards, guaranteeing the scientificness and preciseness in peer review, constantly improving the quality of our journal, living up to the great expectations of the experts in the field of plastic and aesthetic research, and striving to provide a better and more professional academic exchange platform for a greater number of experts in the field. We firmly believe that PAR will markedly improve in the near future as a result of the joint efforts of the Editor-in-Chief and the editorial team, and it will become a first-class international academic journal in the field of plastic and aesthetic research.

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