Congratulations to PAR on Becoming a Partner Journal of the Italian Federation of Aesthetic Medicine

Published on: 2 Nov 2015 Viewed: 1269

On November 2, 2015, with the support of Dr. Raffaele Rauso, one of the Editorial Board members of Plastic and Aesthetic Research (PAR), the journal successfully became one of the partner journals of the Italian Federation of Aesthetic Medicine (FIME).

FIME was established in 2013, which consists of medical doctors from areas including dermatology, plastic surgery, maxillofacial surgery, ENT, and cosmetic medicine. FIME promotes research, training, and teaching in the field of aesthetic medicine.

The partnership with FIME is an outstanding development for PAR. Dr. Raffaele Rauso, the president of FIME, praised the partnership with PAR, saying "I'm sure that both FIME and PAR will give their members and readers a high positive impact in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery, because only sharing knowledge regarding medicine can make medicine itself evidence-based, and that will also be effective for both patients and physicians." The collaboration has encouraged both PAR and FIME to promote the exchange of ideas and research in the field of aesthetic medicine.