• Topic: Biomaterials for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

    Biomaterials for facial aging

    Wen-Guo Cui , Xin Zhao , Yu-Guang Zhang
    Fountain of youth has always been the dream of mortals since the ancient time. Since ages ago, mortals have always been searching for ways to stay and look young. In the new millennia, retaining a youthful appearance is no longer a dream beyond reach. The advancement in medical technology, especially in the dermatological technology, has made the dream of youth possible.
    Published on: 23 Mar 2016
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  • Topic: Biomaterials for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

    Intradermal fillers for minimally invasive treatment of facial aging

    Zhi Yuan (William) Lin , Vishva Shah , Arvind Dhinakar , Lara Yildirimer , Wen-Guo Cui , Xin Zhao
    The ever-increasing interest in retaining a youthful physical appearance has facilitated the development of various minimally invasive dermatological techniques. The use of intradermal fillers can be incorporated into dermatological practices with minimal overhead costs. This strategy addresses facial volume loss and dynamic lines, which are the main features of facial aging. Moreover, intradermal fillers provide an array of flexible treatment options for a balanced and holistic result to dermatological practitioners. This paper reviews the different intradermal fillers categorized by...
    Published on: 23 Mar 2016
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  • Topic: Biomaterials for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

    Advances in the research of autologous fibroblast injections for aging skin

    Meng-Yao Tang , Rong Jin , Ying Zhang , Yao-Ming Shi , Bao-Shan Sun , Lu Zhang , Yu-Guang Zhang
    With the development of autologous stem cells transplantation, the application of autologous fibroblast graft has been an important therapy in defect repair. In the past decade, amounts of studies have reported favorable treatment effect and safety about the therapy. The material has the ability to produce human collagen in vivo. This article details recent scientific work of the cases, effect, injection technique, complications and safety of autologous fibroblast injection treatment.
    Published on: 23 Mar 2016
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  • Topic: Biomaterials for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

    Materials to facilitate orbital reconstruction and soft tissue filling in posttraumatic orbital deformaties

    Ling-Xiao Ye , Xiao-Ming Sun , Yu-Guang Zhang , Ying Zhang
    Posttraumatic orbital reconstruction has been a challenging mission for decades in craniomaxillofacial surgery. Complications like enophthalmos, diplopia and gaze obstacles emerge when orbital trauma occurs, affecting people' s daily life as well as their appearance. Advances in technology and research gained through years of experience has provided us with a greater understanding of the changes following trauma, as well as providing us with a variety of filling materials that we can choose from to handle the deformities. However, the best type of material for repair of orbital deformities...
    Published on: 23 Mar 2016
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  • Topic: Biomaterials for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

    An update review on recent skin fillers

    Li-Ying Cheng , Xiao-Ming Sun , Meng-Yao Tang , Rong Jin , Wen-Guo Cui , Yu-Guang Zhang
    Facial rejuvenation has changed over the last decade, evolving from the rhytidectomy to an approach that focuses on revolumization, due to a more complete understanding of the changes to bone and soft tissue that occur with the aging face. Soft tissue augmentation using various injectable filler agents has gained popularity due to their nonsurgical, non-invasive procedures, instant cosmetic outcomes and limited recovery time. The skin filler market is booming and the variety of available skin fillers is increasing, providing the plastic surgeons many choices. Nonpermenant, biodegradable,...
    Published on: 23 Mar 2016
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  • Topic: Biomaterials for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery

    Collagen membrane for reconstruction of soft tissue defects after surgery of oral cancer and precancer: a brief review

    Ankita Vastani , Nishant Chourasia , Vedant Pahlajani , Suryakant Choubey
    There are some surgeries after which a temporary cover for raw wounds is required to ensure healing. Some of those circumstances are loss of tissue due to burns, trauma, amputation, chronic ulcer, leprosy, and skin graft sites. Although the body initiates regeneration mechanisms, however the time taken for complete healing of wounds is unpredictable. Also, there is a tendency for long standing wounds to undergo infection and scarring. Oral mucosa is no exception to scarring and infection of wounds and there has always been a search for new materials that can be used for coverage of oral...
    Published on: 23 Mar 2016
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