• Editorial|Open Access

    Fifty-six years of plastic surgery

    Thomas M. Biggs
    Plast Aesthet Res 2014;1:1-2. | doi:10.4103/2347-9264.135529
    Published on: 27 Jun 2014  | Viewed:5372  | Downloaded:113
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  • Editorial|Open Access

    In consideration of a career in research

    Gaurav Goyal
    Plast Aesthet Res 2014;1:3-4. | doi:10.4103/2347-9264.135531
    Published on: 27 Jun 2014  | Viewed:5130  | Downloaded:120
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  • Review|Open Access

    Nanotechnology applications in osteodistraction

    Adam E. Singleton , Jon P. Ver Halen
    Most current strategies for bone regeneration have relatively satisfactory results. However, there are drawbacks and limitations associated with their use and availability, and even controversial reports about their efficacy and cost-effectiveness. The induction of new bone formation through... Read more
    Plast Aesthet Res 2014;1:5-12. | doi:10.4103/2347-9264.135534
    Published on: 27 Jun 2014  | Viewed:7616  | Downloaded:162
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  • Original Article|Open Access

    Auricular seroma: A new concept in management

    Monika Shamrao Malgonde , Manoj Kumar
    Aim: Auricular seroma is a cystic swelling with a collection of serous fluid between the perichondrium and cartilage. The successful treatment of auricular seromas remains a challenge because this disease has a high propensity for recurrence. Methods: A total of 20 patients with auricular seromas... Read more
    Plast Aesthet Res 2014;1:13-5. | doi:10.4103/2347-9264.135537
    Published on: 27 Jun 2014  | Viewed:9606  | Downloaded:1909
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  • Original Article|Open Access

    A modified bilobed flap design for nasal tip defects

    Zhi-Guo Wang , Xiu-Juan Chen , Zhen-Yu Chen
    Aim: The correction of nasal tip defects presents many challenges. Zitelli's bilobed flap has been widely used for such repairing defects, but may be complicated by interrupted scars on the nasal dorsum. Our study evaluates the design principles, results, and advantages of a modified bilobed flap... Read more
    Plast Aesthet Res 2014;1:16-20. | doi:10.4103/2347-9264.135540
    Published on: 27 Jun 2014  | Viewed:27824  | Downloaded:2059
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  • Original Article|Open Access

    Comparison between four treatment modalities for active myofascial triggers point

    Atef Fouda
    Aim: The study aimed at the painful trigger points (TrPs) for the purpose of ablating muscle spasms and restoring normal muscle length to find the most effective treatment for alleviating pain and improving mouth range of motion in patients with myofascial pain dysfunction. Methods: We enrolled... Read more
    Plast Aesthet Res 2014;1:21-8. | doi:10.4103/2347-9264.135545
    Published on: 27 Jun 2014  | Viewed:8137  | Downloaded:214
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  • Original Article|Open Access

    Internal derangement of temporomandibular joint: role of arthocentesis with steriod

    Altaf Hussain Malik
    Aim: The aim of this study was to compare the efficacy of arthrocentesis with arthrocentesis plus steroid in the treatment of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) internal derangements. Methods: Nine males and 11 females aged 17-39 years were enrolled in the study. The patients were complaining of... Read more
    Plast Aesthet Res 2014;1:29-32. | doi:10.4103/2347-9264.135547
    Published on: 27 Jun 2014  | Viewed:7008  | Downloaded:238
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  • Case Report|Open Access

    Management of extensive intraparotid vascular malformation: a case report

    Katerina Anesti , Zachary Moaveni , Heng-Yi Wu
    Treatment of large soft tissue vascular lesions remains one of the greatest challenges in modern plastic surgery. The extent of the disease and the involved structures, but also the expectations of the patients are important in determining the way of treatment. The effective management of... Read more
    Plast Aesthet Res 2014;1:33-6. | doi:10.4103/2347-9264.135556
    Published on: 27 Jun 2014  | Viewed:5906  | Downloaded:95
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  • Case Report|Open Access

    Options for thumb revascularization: our experience and literature review

    Pradeoth Mukundan Korambayil , Prashanth Varkey Ambookan , Vinoth Kumar Dilliraj
    Traumatic injuries to the thumb resulting in segmental loss of a digital artery are not uncommon. To bridge the gap and repair a transacted digital artery, the superficial palmar arch or the radial digital artery of the index finger can be used to reconstruct the ulnar digital artery of thumb for... Read more
    Plast Aesthet Res 2014;1:37-40. | doi:10.4103/2347-9264.135563
    Published on: 27 Jun 2014  | Viewed:32941  | Downloaded:182
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  • Letter to Editor|Open Access

    Progressive drain withdrawal without suture removal: a technical note

    Zaher Jandali , Charles Yuen Yung Loh , Athanassopoulos Thanassi
    Plast Aesthet Res 2014;1:41-2. | doi:10.4103/2347-9264.135564
    Published on: 27 Jun 2014  | Viewed:4329  | Downloaded:135
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