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    Surgical treatment of synovial-collagen disorders of the hand

    H Kirk Watson , Purnell Traverso , Lois Carlson , Daniel Mastella , Ronit Wollstein
    Critical relationships between collagen and synovium exist and affect the function of the hand. Understanding these relationships enhances the ability to perform surgery including procedures addressing soft tissue and joint pathology. We present a series of surgical procedures based on this... Read more
    Plast Aesthet Res 2015;2:47-50. | doi:10.4103/2347-9264.153192
    Published on: 13 Mar 2015  | Viewed:10027  | Downloaded:113
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    A survey of analgesic and anti-inflammatory drug prescription for oral implant surgery

    Rahul Datta , Yasmin Grewal , Jaspreet Singh Batth , Amandeep Singh
    Aim: This study was conducted to determine the preferred analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs prescribed by oral implantologists in India. Methods: A structured questionnaire was distributed to 332 dentists to gather information regarding their prescription habits for analgesics and... Read more
    Plast Aesthet Res 2015;2:51-5. | doi:10.4103/2347-9264.153194
    Published on: 13 Mar 2015  | Viewed:14966  | Downloaded:368
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  • Original Article|Open Access

    Heel pad avulsion injury: an approach with hyperbaric oxygen therapy

    Pradeoth Korambayil Mukundan , Prashanth Varkey Ambookan
    Aim: Crush injuries of the foot are often associated with partial or complete degloving of the heel pad. The purpose of this study is to present an algorithm for the management of various types of heel pad avulsion injuries, including hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy in the treatment regimen.... Read more
    Plast Aesthet Res 2015;2:56-62. | doi:10.4103/2347-9264.153200
    Published on: 13 Mar 2015  | Viewed:22869  | Downloaded:196
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  • Original Article|Open Access

    Simultaneous expander and deep inferior epigastric perforator reconstruction: indications and alloderm sling technique for protecting the anastomosis

    Elizabeth Stirling Craig , Ajul Shah , Sarah Persing , Jeffrey Salomon , Stefano Fusi
    Aim: Autologous tissue is considered the "gold standard" for breast reconstruction today. However, little is known about deep inferior epigastric perforator (DIEP) flap reconstruction in combination with tissue expander (TE)/implant. The authors describe a series of combined DIEP flap/TE... Read more
    Plast Aesthet Res 2015;2:63-8. | doi:10.4103/2347-9264.153201
    Published on: 13 Mar 2015  | Viewed:7376  | Downloaded:91
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  • Original Article|Open Access

    Soft tissue defects of eyelid and malar region: an experience with the McGregor flap

    Pradeoth Korambayil Mukundan , Prashanth Varkey Ambookan , Vinoth Kumar Dilliraj
    Aim: Reconstruction of defects of the eyelids and malar region following trauma may result in considerable distortion of the adjacent tissue. A clinical study was undertaken to demonstrate the ability to utilize a modified McGregor flap for reliable soft tissue coverage. Methods: Nine patients... Read more
    Plast Aesthet Res 2015;2:69-72. | doi:10.4103/2347-9264.153202
    Published on: 13 Mar 2015  | Viewed:7569  | Downloaded:146
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  • Case Report|Open Access

    Aneurysmal bone cyst of the maxilla rare presentation with radiological and pathological correlation

    Bharat Bhushan Sharma , Priya Ramchandran , Sandeep Sharma , Shweta Sharma
    The incidence of aneurysmal bone cyst in the maxillofacial region is rare and may remain undiagnosed for a long period prior to becoming symptomatic. This may cause associated issues secondary to compression by extending to the surrounding vital anatomical areas. An aggressive course can lead to... Read more
    Plast Aesthet Res 2015;2:73-5. | doi:10.4103/2347-9264.153203
    Published on: 13 Mar 2015  | Viewed:4696  | Downloaded:115
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  • Case Report|Open Access

    A novel approach to achieve breast symmetry in a single-stage procedure

    Benedetto Longo , Rosaria Laporta , Marco Pagnoni , Fabio Santanelli di Pompeo
    Preservation of the skin envelope and the inframammary fold is the main factor in achieving breast symmetry in unilateral reconstruction. Skin sparing mastectomy (SSM) type-IV followed by immediate autologous reconstruction and contralateral symmetrization permits realizing this goal in large,... Read more
    Plast Aesthet Res 2015;2:76-8. | doi:10.4103/2347-9264.153204
    Published on: 13 Mar 2015  | Viewed:4694  | Downloaded:114
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  • Case Report|Open Access

    A rare case of bilateral absence of distal ulnar artery

    Jung Ho Lee , Rock Kuen Ju , Young Joon Jun , Young Jin Kim
    It is fairly common to find anatomic variations and anomalies in the arterial pattern of the upper extremities. However, a complete absence of the distal ulnar artery bilaterally is extremely rare. During preoperative assessment for a radial forearm free flap, we accidentally discovered bilateral... Read more
    Plast Aesthet Res 2015;2:79-80. | doi:10.4103/2347-9264.153205
    Published on: 13 Mar 2015  | Viewed:3813  | Downloaded:88
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  • Case Report|Open Access

    Inferior dermoglandular flap for autologous breast remodeling following explantation of breast implants in ptotic breasts: a case report and literature search

    Umar Daraz Khan
    Explantation following aesthetic mammoplasty without implant replacement is quite uncommon and often leaves the patient worse off than prior to mammoplasty. A case is presented here in which patient's own tissue was used as an inferior dermoglandular flap for autologous breast remodeling.... Read more
    Plast Aesthet Res 2015;2:81-4. | doi:10.4103/2347-9264.153206
    Published on: 13 Mar 2015  | Viewed:6729  | Downloaded:173
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  • Case Report|Open Access

    Isolated tibial nerve injury: a rare presentation

    Rahul Krishnarao Patil , Prashant Verkey , Harshal Patil , Deepesh Manoharan
    Tibial nerve injury is rare and is always associated with other injuries due to its close association with the other structures. We present a rare case of isolated injury to the tibial nerve where the nerve was avulsed from the middle third of the leg, but all other structures were intact. The... Read more
    Plast Aesthet Res 2015;2:85-7. | doi:10.4103/2347-9264.153207
    Published on: 13 Mar 2015  | Viewed:10562  | Downloaded:373
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  • Case Report|Open Access

    Pseudoangiomatous squamous cell carcinoma: a challenge for pathologists and plastic surgeons

    Dimitrios Kanakopoulos , Evgenios Evgeniou , Panayiotis A Dimitriadis , Mahendra Kulkarni
    Pseudo-angiosarcomatous or pseudovascular squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) of the skin is an unusual variant form of acantholytic SCC that mimics the histopathological appearance of angiosarcoma. We describe a case of pseudovascular SCC in a 77-year-old lady to highlight the frequent recurrence and... Read more
    Plast Aesthet Res 2015;2:88-90. | doi:10.4103/2347-9264.153208
    Published on: 13 Mar 2015  | Viewed:4303  | Downloaded:86
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  • Case Report|Open Access

    Reconstruction of palate with buccal fat pad secondary to resection of desmoplastic ameloblastoma

    Bhimappa Mallappa Rudagi , Manjunatha Reddy Bandral , Reshma Hammannawar , Pritish Harish Padgavankar
    Desmoplastic ameloblastoma (DA) is an unusual variant of ameloblastoma exhibiting important differences in the anatomical distribution, radiographic features and histologic appearance compared with the classic type of ameloblastoma. The purpose of this paper is to report a case of DA in the... Read more
    Plast Aesthet Res 2015;2:91-4. | doi:10.4103/2347-9264.153209
    Published on: 13 Mar 2015  | Viewed:5520  | Downloaded:89
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  • Case Report|Open Access

    Straight line closure for correction of congenital isolated bilateral macrostomia

    Narendra S Mashalkar , Naren Shetty
    Congenital bilateral macrostomia is a very rare deformity of the mouth, and it is still rarer to see cases of isolated bilateral macrostomia. Although the creation of a symmetric neocommissure is imperative, this presents a technical challenge. A review of the literature for surgical solutions... Read more
    Plast Aesthet Res 2015;2:95-7. | doi:10.4103/2347-9264.153210
    Published on: 13 Mar 2015  | Viewed:8373  | Downloaded:124
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